Welcome to the World of Katharina Cruz Atelier


Creator off exquisite and original hats, hats that dance and make heads turn.
Katharina Cruz Atelier is a french brand- even to say a very “Parisian”. Her style tells about lightness, volume, movements and luminous colours. Katharina M gives the hat-touch for the modern women.Incredible Sculptures are created by Katharina Cruz, whimsical, surprising light in spirit and by no means boring. Woman wearing Katharina Cruz hat are self-confident, comfortable within and a great sense of humour, not accepting to bland into a crowd, she knows, that wearing a hat frames her beauty and accents her personality.

Different materials are used to sew a hat “Haute de Gamme” of Katharina Cruz, like rabbit-felt, straws like Sisal, Parasisal, Parabuntal, Wheat, Bao, Seagrass, luxurious fabrics like Banana-leaf or silk, knit in Alpaca or Cashmere, and sometimes rare mixings of metal, beads or seeds. A Hat Katharina Cruz gives company in all circumstances of life to women, worn in many different ways and being adaptable. She can choose the appropriate hat for various occasions and ceremonies, the most extravagant creations till easy to wear, practical and comfortable.

Mrs. K.CRUZ, the creator of
Katharina Cruz Atelier , was born in Munich/ Germany and lived several years in different countries like Switzerland, France, Namibia, Paraguay, USA, Hong Kong, Canada. It was 1994 in Montreal/Canada that she was studding millinery, and since then she participated in numerous exposition and fares. Her different travels abroad, her taste for nature and adventure, give her various inspirations to create her hats and develop the collections, always within her unique style so architectural and circular gestural. A so simple gesture of clothing on a beret or a straw summer hat or an original felt hat procures an immense pleasure of being feminine and reveals the feeling of being exceptional.
Fabulous Hat Creations

Have you ever seen dancing hats? Head-turning hats! Chez Katharina Cruz Atelier, the hats twist into arabesques and whorls. They whirl and pirouette, so airy that—on seeing them—you imagine a bird in flight or the sweep of a rippling gown. Here the hats are Fashionable and Fanciful, Elegant and Stunning. Amusing and Heart-stopping all at once!
A woman who discovers a hat by Katharina Cruz Atelier escapes to another world—with a hat that accents her beauty and asserts her personality. Professional Consultations!


Of all the ways we humans adorn ourselves, is there anything else quite so expressive, so versatile, so definitive as a hat? Casual or ceremonial, fashionably fanciful or down-to-earth practical, our headgear announces who we are, what we do, how we see ourselves, and how we want others to see us. We read a boulevardier’s nature in the jaunty tilt of his homburg and a nun’s devotion in the starched white wings of her wimple; a baseball cap, a battered Stetson, and a Basque beret each speak eloquently of their wearer. Elegant or exuberant, austere or outlandish, workaday or whimsical, or just plain weird, every hat speaks for itself- ins vivid, varied language at once universal and unforgettably personal.

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